Disabled & Proud! Banner with a series of photos of people with disabilities showing their pride. Two women hugging. One is Asian and holding a Disability Pride banner, the other is wearing a red Disabled & Proud t-shirt in Spanish. Photo of an African-American man in a wheelchair being hugged by his SEIU Personal Care Assistant. Photo of 3 older women all holding Disability Pride banners. Disabled & Proud logo. Photo of little person, a woman who is accompanied by her service animal. Photo of two women in wheelchairs embracing. Photo of a young woman in a power wheelchair wearing a  hijab.
Picture of a young man in a wheelchair wearing a purple Disabled & Proud  t-shirt, raising his arms above his head with his hands in a fist. www. disabledandproud.com. A celebration of our potential, a celebration of our POWER, and a celebration of our PRIDE as People with Disabilities! Picture of a Latino man in a wheelchair speaking into a microphone and raising his left hand in a fist.
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UPDATES. Picture of two sexy young women in wheelchairs hugging.


April 20-30, 2006: Chicago Festival of Disability Arts and Culture.

DISPOET - Blog on Poetry and Disability: http://dispoet.blogspot.com/

Picture of two Latina women. One is in a wheelchair wearing a red t-shirt that says, "Discapacitado W Con Argullo." The other woman has her leg draped over the lap of the first woman in a funny pose. Welcome to www.disabledandproud.com where we say it loud, we're DISABLED AND PROUD! On this website, you will find information on Disability history, culture, and community. We are also starting a Disability Pride Store/Bookstore with a physical location in Chicago. Check back in regularly for more information on when the store will be up and running. We value the diversity of our community, and believe every person is a beautiful human being Top Adult with worth. We celebrate who we are and who we will become, and we fight Domina Jade for Disability liberation and social justice for all! Together we are changing the world - one crip at a time! Welcome to our community.... welcome to our home.

Read this beautiful account of the Nation's First Annual Disability Pride Parade from a parent register if you are looking for a date, you can even view www.sexsites.co.za if you are wanting to fuck right now activist and ally, Janice Fialka, "From Puddles to Pride."

And don't miss the TUBE PRIDE website! "We're Here, We're tubed, we demand that the myths about feeding tubes as a medical intervention disappear."

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